Battle Stations!!!

Build Your Squad

Attention all Commanders. Train your troops, choose your landing zone and lead your squad into battle!

Upgrade Your Troops

Assemble your squad and build the ultimate raiding force! Smash the opposition with Nukes, Air-strikes and all the military might you can muster!

Battle Players From All Over The World

Forge alliances with friends and form powerful clans or battle with foes from all around the globe and steal their resources.

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What's New

Hold onto your helmet Commander, a massive update is incoming!

  • 7 new cards including 3 EPICS and 2 LEGENDARY
  • Upgrade your base with the Level 11 HQ, 8 level 11 buildings, the all new Troop Reinforcer and even a UFO!
  • Discover Golden Tickets to rare islands and amazing rewards.
  • New Challenge islands will test your squad to the max!
  • Build multiple squad decks and swap between them when you want with the new card manager.
  • Plus many more improvements, optimisations and fixes!


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Amazing Features

The Enemy HQ is in your Sights... RAID ON!!!

Build your Squad

Build and upgrade your collection of amazing squad cards, each with their own unique weapons and abilities


Explore a huge archipelago to capture resources and new squad cards

RAID Enemy HQs

Raid other players worldwide to steal their trophies and treasure.

Devastating defensive weapons

Defend your island with turrets, tanks, choppers and massive mechs!

Build Your HQ

Develop your island into an unbeatable fortress.

Leagues & Tournaments

Progress through the leagues and leader-boards to become number one.


Explosive Action


Beautifully Destructive Environments


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What people are saying about RAID HQ

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  • "Not like any other game in the app store, Its is very fun, and has tons of depth.. Depth that will take you days to get a full grasp of, but simple enough to be played and enjoyed from day one."

  • "AWESOME! Fresh gameplay, great graphics and really addictive! Everything I’ve been looking for! It’s been ages since a game has hooked me like this. So long Clash, my summer belongs to Raid HQ!"

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  • "Awesome! Amazing game, amazing features, something for everyone ! Love love love"

  • "Amazing! This game is just fantastic – polished, high quality and just great fun to play!!! Back to more raids now – bye!!"


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EightPixelsSquare is an independent mobile free-to-play studio based in Derby, UK. The company was founded in January 2013 with the aim of creating AAA quality free-to-play games for a worldwide audience.